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(Contains: nudity)
(I'm putting this in fanart because I have to... it's really not about Batman at all, but rather about gender issues.)

This painting is 22 by 29 inches or something like that. I didn't realize until I took a picture of it that my skin tones were pretty off. Acrylic paint dries too fast to mix together like oils, and on this particular project I did not have the patience to deal with oils.

Done with: Acrylic paint on gesso-ed stonehenge paper.

Nude Batman was important because it answered the question of "What is a painting?" as well as confronted the subject of the "male gaze"... I was surprised an a bit appaulled when one of the two boys in my art class thought the other boy did it. Apparently it is still taboo for women to paint nude men, especially not in a passive manner.
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sonofthemummy Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2013
It sort of looks like, "Leave Robin alone while he finishes his Art homework:  Crime you will have with you, always!"
MichaelDavidBishop Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2013
Geeking out! Lovin it.
bhodi-27 Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2013
It's happening very slowly, which I guess is no surprise, but I think that little by little, women are being "allowed" to approach subjects like this. Of course it's absurd that there should ever have been anything like disapproval, let alone a taboo. It may or may not be relevant to point out that much, if not most, of the best male/male erotica today is being written by women, heterosexual women at that. Some of the major news media have reported on this phenomenon, which pleases me, as a gay male, mightily.

I love this painting, by the way. I hope you don't mind if I make it one of my favorite wallpapers. Thanks for publishing it here!
CheCats Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2012
ZurathJr Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2010
Excellent! What do thoes two boys know anyway? It is a fantastic painting, and just as I always pictured Batman would be at home in his leisure time. (Of course the fact that I spent many a night on my couch the same way while watching TV doesn't hurt either. Of course that was before the children!) :-)
citrusgirl Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2008
i think i had an orgasm
Silvercatgirl27 Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2008
Whoot! You do great work. ^_^ I love it. Yay for nudies! ^_^
sweets8 Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2008
Yes (no offense to the males who don't do this ^_^;) it is somewhat amazing in this day and age that people (guys mainly, but some women even!) think women should not do anything of this type or be private and not go about sharing it. It's basically like this, everyone pretty much does it, but not everyone wants to know that some of those do, so they try and be a prude about it. Go fems.! lol
Orochimaruz Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2008  Student Artisan Crafter
Nude batman??:no: so dark........
LellyMagenta Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2007
axel321 Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2007
I love it
snurkmaiden Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2007  Student Digital Artist
Ack *stabs boy* stupid :rage:
I like et ^w^ i think the shading looks really well :D and who doesn't wanna see batman naked? :eyes:
I ran across your painting through a search and figured I'd comment. I not only like the art, but am interested in the purpose behind the chosen subject matter. It's particularly interesting that one of the guys in your class automatically thought that the other boy had done it. Nudes in art were/are done almost exclusively by males, and the 'male gaze' and depiction of women as sexual objects are considered not only the norm for male artists, but perhaps even their prerogative. Whereas when a female artist paints a nude male, it's still considered in some way deviant. Probably because outward expresssions of female sexual interest are still considered disturbing.
spacefille Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2006
Sorry for the delay in reply... I really enjoyed your response. I can tell you've at least had some run in with academia, if you are not an art professor or someone like that in the art world. Either way, thank you! Your reply was a joy to read. :)
camilah Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2006
Really cool!! Nude batman!!
spacefille Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2006
Yay! I'm glad you like! :D
camilah Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2006
You are very welcome!!
debbiechan Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2005
*THUMBS UP* Yes! I like acrylic--it's less, well, oily smooth than oil and the texture here seems to suit the manly subject matter. I like the concept, and I love to draw manly men with penises! Esp. cartoon men! This is soooooo wonderful!
spacefille Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2007
Haha, delayed thanks! :)
Redwards1024 Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2005
OMG, i always wanted to see batman nude, this rocks!
spacefille Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2005
Thanks and always glad to help! :D
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